1. Respect the Speed Limit of 40 km/hr. within Punta Mita.
  2. Respect all signs throughout Punta Mita, your Community, and at the Clubs.
  3. The responsible use of Golf Carts is required by all who visit Punta Mita. Underage children are not allowed to drive Golf Carts. Drinking & driving a golf cart is not advised for one’s safety – and, for the safety of others in our community.
  4. Walk & jog on the recreational paths – not on the road or Golf Course.
  5. The Golf Course is for golfers – and only for golfers.
  6. Respect one’s neighbors and refrain from excess noise — be it music or otherwise — after 10 pm. During the day, also be considerate with noise levels that may affect your neighbors.
  7. Golf Dress Code must be respected for all golfers and spectators. Improperly dressed persons will be asked to change before using the facilities.
  8. Fitness Facilities – All users must sign in at the front desk. Basic Gym Rules apply: i.e. no cell phone calls, required use of earphones, no public speakers, clean equipment after usage, — and basically respect others who are using the facility at the same time.
  9. Members must accompany invited guests to the Beach Clubs or other Club facilities, otherwise they will not be permitted to enter the Clubs.
  10. In the interest of everyone’s safety and security all guests that visit Punta Mita must be pre-registered with the HOA.

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